Once again the Farmers’ Market and Artisan Fair was treated to a beautiful sunny and warm day on Saturday. There was a steady stream of customers, although many people are away on trips or at cottages. I’m told by a few of our vendors that some families stop by the market early on Saturday morning to pick up supplies on their way to the cottage—what a great idea!

Each week now seems to bring newly ripened produce. We even have some delicious albeit expensive wild blueberries. I’m trying to think of creative ways to use them in cooking beyond the traditional pancakes or in desserts. Blueberries actually work well with meat too. If I do develop a really interesting recipe, I’ll share it in a future column.

The next vendor I’d like you to meet is Sarah from Sarah Joy Sweets, who makes those delicious Dutch pancakes called “pofferjes”. Sarah grew up in Vineland, Ontario. As the youngest of four children, she loved being in the kitchen working with her dad as he canned peaches from their huge garden or cooked big dinners for family gatherings. The kitchen was where the action was, and even as a young girl, Sarah was encouraged to participate. She loved watching and helping her mom to bake and was encouraged to be creative and try new recipes when friends came to visit. Working together in the kitchen has always been an enjoyable family activity that helped shape Sarah’s love for baking and cooking.

After graduating from high school, Sarah left Vineland for the metropolis of Toronto where she attended George Brown College in the Baking and Pastry Arts Programme. She graduated with honours in 2016, and a few months later married and moved to Aurora.

Sarah has travelled with her family to Holland several times as their ancestral roots are there. They have stayed in the beautiful town of Diever and from there they biked to the local markets to enjoy Dutch pastries and other delicacies. It was at one of these Dutch markets where Sarah was introduced to “pofferjes”, the little Dutch pancakes. At every market you could buy a tray of fresh, warm “pofferjes” topped with fruit sauce and a

sprinkle of icing sugar. Sarah has fond memories of experiencing the markets and tasting Dutch treats.

Sarah’s desire is to share some of her Dutch heritage with us at the Aurora Farmers’ Market. She has partnered with Cherry Lane, a fruit farm in Vineland. At Sarah’s booth you’ll find Cherry Lane’s 100% sour cherry juice concentrate and dried cherries. You will also be able to taste the warm “pofferjes” topped with whipped cream, fresh fruit sauce (from Cherry Lane) and a sprinkle of icing sugar. They are so delicious that I predict that you’ll be hooked from the first bite! Sarah looks forward to sharing part of her Dutch heritage with everyone. “Eet smakelijk”—that’s Dutch for “ bon appétit”.

Our next Special Event is on August 19 when we sponsor a Community Corn Roast. With musical entertainment, a draw for a Market bag full of goodies from the Market plus some surprises we are planning. You are in for a real treat that day as well known Aurora musicians David Pilkey and Steve Falk will be playing for us. We have invited our Mayor and Councillors to help with the BBQ, so if you want to talk to any of them, plan to attend.

See you at the Market!