What another fine day at the Farmers’ Market on Saturday. Despite the forecast for rain
and thunder storms, we enjoyed a beautiful, hot summer day during which there were
cooling breezes to make things comfortable. Along with the pleasant weather, we
enjoyed music played by a wonderful young couple called,” Sky and Rose”. There were
so many positive comments about them from market-goers that we will try to book them
for a return visit.
This year one of our new vendors is a husband and wife team, Ashley and Richard
Casagrande. Richard has a small wood business, Grande Woodcraft, where he makes
personalized charcuterie boards and tables, while Ashley creates essential oil roller
blends and sells products for chemical free alternatives to everyday cleaning.
Richard has always loved building things with his hands. Initially, it began as a way to
reduce stress after the addition of their two boys. However, it slowly developed into a
business. Richard started learning tips and tricks from friends and the woodworking
community and began to create small cutting and charcuterie boards for family and
friends. He later began making unique boards using electricity that created lightening-
like burn marks in the wood. He loves how each board is different and that you cannot
go into a store to buy a board like the ones he creates. Each one is unique. Richard
takes great care in creating boards for custom orders and is motivated by the thought of
people coming together to share food and family. He is delighted to be a part of that
Ashley is a plant lover and gardener who has always loved incorporating natural, plant-
based solutions into her daily routine. Her desire for natural, chemical-free alternatives
was even greater after the birth of her two boys, Leo 4 and Gabriel 2. Ashley wanted to
find ways to avoid certain chemicals in her life as well as the lives of her family. She
was introduced to essential oils by a friend and realized that she could swap out many
common chemicals for natural, plant-based ones. After much research and the help of
an online “oily” community, Ashley began blending oils and making unique roller bottle
blends that can be applied topically to help with such common complaints as
headaches, indigestion and stress. In addition to the roller bottle blends, Ashley has
begun to make natural cleaning products which can be used to clean a variety of
surfaces such as glass, natural stone and tile. Ashley is available for essential oil
consultations and loves taking custom orders for a blend for a specific need or age. For
the sake of complete transparency here, this writer challenged Ashley to make a roller
bottle blend to address a digestive condition. She rose to the challenge and I’m
delighted to say that the results are very positive. I recommend stopping by their booth
in the park to see what each has to offer.

Our next “Special Event” is our “Customer Appreciation Day” on July 20 when the
entertainment will be provided by “Howlin’ Fine Music”, back by popular demand. There
will be the usual free crafts for the children and a draw for a Market bag full of goodies.
We will keep the rest of our plans for the day a surprise.
See you at the Market!