What a gorgeous day it was on Saturday for our Grand Opening of the Aurora Farmers’ Market and Artisan Fair. We enjoyed a hot, sunny day which helped to bring out many people to enjoy the entertainment and extras we provided for our first Special Event of the season. We were treated to music provided by the Therapy Seekers as well as a huge Tiramisu cake, samplers of Mimosas and several great prizes. Other than the band, these treats were all coordinated and provided by our wonderful Council Liaison, Sandra Humfreys. In addition, there were several local dignitaries who attended and brought their congratulations and best wishes for a great market season. Our grateful thanks go to Mayor Dawe, Deputy Mayor Abel, MPP Chris Ballard, Councillor Gaertner, Councillor Kim Councillor Mrakas and, of course, Sandra Humfreys.

We would like to thank the Town of Aurora for their support of our move into the Town Park and the advertising they undertook on our behalf. It has been a pleasure to work with them and they will have a presence at the Market this season.

As the growing season progresses, the farmers have more produce to bring to market. On Saturday, there was rhubarb and asparagus in abundance and the first lettuce was also available. Of course, you can still find potatoes, carrots, parsnips, mushrooms and some beets. From now on, there will be newly ripened produce arriving weekly on the farmers’ tables, just in time to complement your favourite BBQ meals.

Now I’d like you to meet the Israeli couple behind our new bakery, Café Louise Bakeshop. As a young couple, Irit and Ilan shared a love of travelling and seeing the world. Even as young parents, they didn’t allow anything to deter them from pursuing this passion. So, when their second daughter was just 8 months old, they went to Switzerland with both girls. Although some thought it was a crazy idea at the time, for the Freed’s it was simply another wonderful adventure. On that trip with the beautiful mountains and scenery, they experienced the joy of watching their two daughters communicate and interact for the first time. Over time they travelled with their three daughters to many places and wonderful memories were formed, still discussed at family dinners today.

The family especially loved Europe where they were captivated by the relaxed culture, beautiful narrow streets, art and history and especially the aromas and flavours they encountered. The inspiration for their family business came to them in Paris at a local café named “Louise”. They were charmed by the warm atmosphere, sense of community, and the delicious baked goods and wanted to share these same qualities with their customers at their BakeHouse with their products.

Then, about 12 years ago , the family embarked on yet another of their crazy adventures which saw them moving to Canada to begin a new life. They settled in, learned the language (without losing their wonderful Israeli accent), worked for a few years before deciding it was time for the next chapter. They combined their two main loves and opened a café bakery. Café Louise Bakehouse opened on Langstaff Road in Concord with the goal of bringing unique flavours and a European experience to customers. They accomplish this by placing a high value on the choice and quality of their products. Their vision is to develop delicious flavours while using only natural, fresh ingredients. There are no preservatives or shortcuts used in the development of their high quality products. They bring a selection of their artisan sourdough breads (whole wheat, multigrain. Rustic white and olive are examples) as well as delicious sweet and savoury pastries and larger Danish cakes called babkas. Stop by to sample their amazing baked goods.

See you at the Market!